About Us

Veterans Memorial Plaza and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial were made possible by the private contributions of more than 130,000 Americans. The fundraising and development of this tribute was overseen by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial of San Antonio, Inc., a non-profit corporation established by veterans of all five branches of the armed forces. The board of directors was made up of men who had ranked from Petty Officer Second Class to Brigadier General.

Founder and Chairman

John D. Baines

Co-Founder and President

Maj. Bill C. Stensland, USMC (Ret.)

Finance Committee Chairmen

Gen. Andrew. P. Iosue, USAF (Ret.)
Brig. Gen. Kenneth R. Fleenor, USAF (Ret.)

Board of Directors

John D. Baines (USN)
Col. Andrew P. Biancardi, USAF (Ret.)
Carl J. Gagliardi (USMC)
BG Arthur S. Hyman, USA (Ret.)
CSM Walter W. Krueger, USA (Ret.)
Col. Robert L. Rund, USAF (Ret.)
Capt. P.S. Schooler, USCGR, (Ret.)
Maj. Bill C. Stensland, USMC (Ret.)
John H. Tate, II (USA)

Board of Advisors

Polly W. Anderson
Charles L. Becker
Jayne M. Harris
CMSgt.George K. Millard, USAF (Ret.)
MGy. Sgt.Terry W. Stewart, USMC (Ret.)

This place of honor is dedicated to the memory and sacrifices of all San Antonians who served in our nations armed forces. Their willingness to meet and overcome the most difficult of tests will never be forgotten.

An estimated 10,000 veterans, family members, active duty military personnel and citizens from across the country attended the dedication ceremony on November 9th 1986.

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